Luis Arce Sworn In as New Bolivian President

Supporters Await Return of Evo Morales

Luis Arce

Por Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Bolivia, former President Evo Morales was expected to reenter the country this morning following the inauguration of new President Luis Arce in La Paz on Sunday. Arce won the presidential election last month by a landslide. This put Morales’s MAS party back in power one year after a right-wing coup ousted Morales. Arce served as the economy minister under Morales. This is Arce speaking at his inauguration.

President Luis Arce: “We assume this mandate given to us by the population, the people, to work tirelessly and with humility for the reconstruction of our country. We commit ourselves to rectify what was wrong and to deepen what was right.”

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