Maduro Expels 3 “Yanks” from US Embassy

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the expulsion of three US embassy officials, including the charge d’affaires, whom he accused of conspiring against his government and instigating actions against the national electricity system, reported dpa news.

Speaking at a ceremony at a military command post, Maduro instructed his foreign minister Elias Jaua to proceed with the expulsion of the officials within 48 hours, for their conspiring and meeting with Venezuelan right-wing groups to sabotage the economy and the national electricity system .

He said Kelly Keiderling, Elizabeth Hussmann and David Mott will be expelled and illustrated it with the cry: “Out of Venezuela,” but he did not explain the charges against them.

Keiderling is the charge d’affaires of the US Embassy. The officer was assigned in July 2011 as Deputy Chief and was holding the higher post on a temporary basis.

The press reported that Keiderling participated last week in a university forum in the southern region of Bolivar, where they operate the largest hydroelectric complexes in the country.

He said the other officials hold the posts of advisers.

The United States rejected the accusations saying they haven’t received an “official notification” of the expulsions of the three high ranking officials at the US embassy in Caracas.

“We completely reject the accusations of the Venezuelan government regarding the involvement of the US government in any type of conspiracy to destabilize the government of Venezuela,” a State Department spokesperson stated in a press release sent to dpa news.

Maduro had agreed on the exchange of charge d’affaires with the United States in late April, in talks to normalize ties. Venezuela appointed former legislator Calixto Ortega to the post in Washington D.C.

Relations between Venezuela and the United States remain at the level of charges d’affaires since diplomat friction in 2008.

“I told Foreign Minister Jaua to proceed with the expulsion of the three diplomats. They have 48 hours to leave. Yankees go home, out of Venezuela. I don’t care about the actions of the US government ,” said Maduro.

In his speech before a group of soldiers, Maduro said Washington wants to apply the “Syria model on Venezuela”, mentioning President Barack Obama’s speech last week at the United Nations.

He quoted Obama as saying peaceful protests in Syria against “an authoritarian regime” were met with repression and slaughter.”

Maduro added, Obama explained in simple words the “new model of intervention” in the internal affairs of the countries of the south, which is summarized in what happened in Libya and what is happening in Syria.

He said the plan seeks to fill the streets with violence and justify an “armed insurrection” in Venezuela .

Maduro said the US embassy officials had been meeting with the “extreme right, encouraging them to sabotage the electrical system and the Venezuelan economy.”

“I have evidence here in my hands,” said Maduro, who described the actions of the US officials as “hostile, illegal and intrusive.”

“I will not allow any action that creates disorder in this country. The Constitution has enough elements to act in defense of the country,” he said.

He added that US officials were attacking the “dignity of a country that wants peace.”

“Gringo imperialists here in front of you are men and women of dignity that we have never knelt. We will never buckle to your interests and we are not afraid, we will confront you at all levels of politics, diplomacy and struggle. That’s what I declare and I assume all responsibility for these actions,” he added.

On the other hand, Maduro said his government has been making various plans to strengthen the security of Venezuela, which included the creation of the Centre for Strategic Security and Protection of the Homeland, with which it seeks to “defeat” any plot.

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  • This guy is nuts! He is working directly from the Fidel Castro playbook but without the charm or intellect. Venezuela is circling the drain and Maduro is only making it worse with his talking birds and imagined assassination plots.

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