Maduro: “I Know The People Love Me”

“The people love me”, says Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. File photo:


HAVANA TIMES – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Saturday he is confident of his re-election and affirmed that after the presidential elections, he will “clean up the country’s economy,” reported dpa news.

“On the stage we go, I know the people love me and I will be president for the period 2019-2025, which is going to be a period of great achievements, dreams and prosperity,” he assured.

“After we win the elections we will dedicate ourselves exclusively to building a new economy, to clean up the economy and only we can do it autonomously,” Maduro said in an event in which he accepted the candidacy of three parties of the ruling coalition Polo Patriotico.

Maduro also said he is prepared to face any scenario in which the opposition calls for abstention or pretends to sabotage the elections. “With them (the opposition) or without them, there will be elections this year and I will win,” he added.

The opposition coalition, Mesa de Unidad Democratica, was already excluded by the National Electoral Council from participating in the early presidential elections, originally scheduled for the end of the year.  The Council has also disqualified several possible opposition candidates and parties from participating. 

The issue is being debated in the negotiations with the Government that are taking place in the Dominican Republic, with the facilitation of an international group, which will have a meeting on Monday that could be final.

Still without a concrete date for the elections, and without a strong opposition candidate to challenge him, Maduro is already campaigning for his re-election in the vote to be held before April 30.

9 thoughts on “Maduro: “I Know The People Love Me”

  • You must have meant the U$?

    Trillions of dollars down the military rat hole: War Dept. theft/waste, fraud and abuse has soared ever higher: 64% of budget (that is admitted to), more than the next 4 nations combined; one of the world’s worst income inequality ratio; worst pubic “medical care” in the “developed world” (unless you’re rich), one of the worst for infant mortality. There are a number of so-called “third world countries with higher literacy rates. More economic and political sabotage, election-rigging and violent coups, more imperial wars of terror than any other regime in human history. More spying on its citizens than any other government–by far; more state secrets, more imprisonment–again by far, in raw numbers and per capita–than any other.

    All this, while the regime just passed yet another atrocious law transferring even more trillions of the nation’s wealth to the undeserving, already obscenely rich, even criminal 1%. Millionaire/billionaire politicians giving our money to the even richer. The US was already by far the world’s biggest debtor nation; now it’s really going down the tubes. And you and several other posters accuse the Venezuelan president of being an “economic disaster”, “putting the interest of big business ahead of his people”? Wow–an Olympic gold medal-worthy long jump.

    US “Elections” are rigged, stolen. Any second party–much less any more–is dismissed, marginalized or not given any coverage at all; then a loss is “proof” that no one wants a real alternative party. And who is to say two nominal political parties–not three, four or more–is not merely the optimal, but the only number acceptable. In fact, the US has only one real political party: the Capitalist Party. Even a mildly left, safe contender like Bernie Sanders was cheated out of even getting the Dem primary vote, when all polls showed he would have won the general vote against Trump.

    Who’s to say two presidential terms is the best–the only–number acceptable? There are a number of nations, including European and other allies of Washington, that do not have term limits for presidents/prime ministers. Why not only one term? Why do people in the US believe the propaganda that this limit applies only to nations the DC regime is targeting for overthrow? And, if unlimited political reelection is so inherently dictatorial, why do USers keep voting for the same senators and reps for decades?

    Follow the money against Venezuela: hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars to overthrow the democratically re-elected government over the past 20 years. “Saving the people from a dictator” is the feeblest, overworked lie. It’s always used against any small, sovereign nation–defenseless against the planet’s military juggernaut–that has oil or other resource the Wall Street bosses and their blood-lust generals want for nothing, but choose to spend the income on their own people, not the already obscenely rich. Any doubt why Sec. of State, Rex Tillerson, ex-CEO of Exxon-Mobil, has been calling for a military coup against the Venezuelan administration after his company lost its sweet oil-extraction contract when the previous Wall Street puppet government was democratically defeated?

    If “rescuing oppressed people from a dictatorship” had any shred of truth, the Washington regime would have tossed out the inbred monsters ruling Saudi Arabia (even the name comes from the almost-300-year ruling family), Bahrain, UAE et al long ago. The certifiably loony, blood-drenched despot destroying the Philippines would never have been “president”.

    The U$ regime has the longest, most sordid record of propping up and protecting horrific tyrants: eg., the genocidal Tel Aviv regime, the military juntas in Argentina, Brazil during the 70’s and, now again, along with Honduras, the most dangerous country in the world, etc., etc. All these and more crimes, while overthrowing legitimate, democratic governments for well over a century–the infamous Monroe Doctrine set the DC regime to be the supreme cop and ruler of the Western Hemisphere in 1823. Now, the proclamations of dominance cover the entire planet and even space.

    Washington politicos and corporate media love to trot out the claim that presidents who don’t toe the US line are “unpopular”, “firebrand”, “authoritarian”, etc., “destroying their country”, going to great lengths to ridicule and demonize them, thus supposedly justifying DC-funded and orchestrated coups.

    If that is a legitimate reason, since the US is saddled with the least-approved racist, fascist, egotistical, pillaging buffoon ever, are the Venezuela haters supporters of a coup in their own country?

    Sadly, even after generations of the exact same lies and brainwashing employed by the imperialist war mongers against independent, sovereign nations, there are some people who still eat it up, even when the accusations are shown in virtually every case to be total, outrageous lies. This is yet more egregious when it comes from right-wingers who love to spout the “liberal media are all commies/leftists who hate America and can never be trusted” mantra.

    Think, folks. Reject the propaganda and outright brainwashing. Stop believing the far-right, corporation/military-serving politicos and profit-directed, nearly monopolistic media companies and see through the huge hypocrisy and lies.

    Illegally overthrowing, militarily attacking, invading, occupying, pillaging sovereign nations all over the planet = more resentment against the US = more retaliatory attacks (the only people allowed to be called “terrorists”) = more trillions of dollars for more, permanent, imperial, asymmetrical wars of real terror + loss of what little remains of our own freedoms and democracy. Exactly what the anti-democratic, corporate/military DC regime wants.

  • The elections were rigged.
    He’s filling only his own pockets and he’s power hungry.
    He’s a dumb leader leading the country into chaos and destruction.

  • What you call Big Business are the relics left over from better days long gone by. These “businesses” are corrupt enterprises who remain in operation solely based on their relationship with the Maduro dictatorship.

  • Free and democratically elected?

  • The people voted socialist once and now they can’t get rid of it. They lost their country and many now vote with their feet.

  • Muduro, like it or not, IS the free and democratically elected President of Venezuela. Big business still rules the day in Venezuela. You need to visit again.

  • Big business? There are no big businesses left in Venezuela. Have you been to Venezuela? Your socialist claptrap is the problem with Venezuela, not the solution.

  • Time for a revolution in Venezuela, Maduro’s capitalist denial of the people is egregious. This crisis is because he is putting the interests of big business over his people

  • Maduro is an economic disaster. There is no new economy with this guy. Time for a new President in Venezuela.

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