Maduro Pardons Over 100 of His Political Opponents

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro

HAVANA TIMES – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday pardoned 110 opposition politicians and activists. The announcement was made by Information Minister Jorge Rodríguez, reported dpa news.

The NGO Foro Penal put the total number of political prisoners in Venezuela at about 380.

Those pardoned include people who are in prison, others who have gone into exile and some who had been barred from contesting elections.

Among them were lawmaker Freddy Guevara, staying on the Chilean embassy’s premises. Likewise, the release of Roberto Marrero, an aide to opposition leader Juan Guaido. Marrero was arrested more than a year ago.

Rodriguez said the government seeks a “national reconciliation” and the opposition participation in its December 6 parliamentary elections. The main opposition parties have already dismissed the vote as another fraudulent “farce.”

Maduro has presided over a massive economic crisis and political unrest with about five million Venezuelans fleeing abroad. The huge figure equals well over 15% of the entire population.

Monday’s announcement followed the release last week of lawmaker Juan Requesens, who was accused of involvement in a drone attack against Maduro.

However, Requesens was put under house arrest after having been jailed for two years.

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  • Is Patriota a general in Maduro’s military which has more generals than the US military, all being treated as privileged? Patriota questions whether Trump is a terrorist? There is no doubt that Maduro qualifies as one.

  • Why doesn’t the United States give back the assets in CITIGO that Venezuela holds on US soil? Are Americans thiefs? Is Trump a terrorist?

  • Why not release the Six Citco Oil USA executives that were arrested for no reason and put in prison for the past two years ?

  • A fair and just leader! Long Live Maduro! Viva Venezuela & Viva Cuba!!

  • So Maduro is releasing 110 people who ought not to have been imprisoned anyway. The empty gesture of a supposedly benevolent dictator, or the onset of rigor mortis?

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