Maduro Pops into Cuba to Honor Fidel’s Birthday

Nicolas Maduro and Raul Castro pay tribute to Fidel on August 15, 2017. Photo: Estudios Revolución

HAVANA TIMES – Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro flew into Cuba on Tuesday for a belated tribute to the late Fidel Castro on the 91st anniversary of his birth on August 13, 1926, reported the official Cuban government website

Maduro was accompanied by Cuban president Raul Castro on a visit to the cemetery in Santiago de Cuba and the mausoleums of both Fidel and national hero Jose Marti.

Accompanying them was Maduro’s wife Cilia Flores and Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

Fidel Castro was like a father and mentor to the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez and Maduro, the virtual son of Chavez, who took over when Hugo died in 2013. He makes frequent trips to Havana to consult with the current Cuban president Raul Castro, who many analysts believe sets the strategies for Maduro to follow in Venezuela.

2 thoughts on “Maduro Pops into Cuba to Honor Fidel’s Birthday

  • In comparison to the Fidel/Hugo pair of dead despots, the Raul/Nicolas combination are abject failures. Getting advice on the economy from Raul Castro? That is just hilarious!

    • The thought of Raul Castro Ruz acting as a political consultant is frankly frightening. The consequences of the Castro/Chavez/Maduro economic think tank are a total disaster. The country with the largest oil reserves in the world has by far the highest inflation rate. The military now with more Generals than the US, performs two roles – shooting people in the streets and delivering food parcels to the political faithful.
      I guess that’s all to be admired by communists.


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