Maduro Regime Arrests Activist Roland Carreno

Roland Carreno. Photo

HAVANA TIMES – The Venezuelan government has arrested journalist and opposition activist Roland Carreno, the country’s attorney general confirmed late on Tuesday, days after the leader of Carreno’s party fled to Spain, reported dpa news.

Carreno, a coordinator for the Popular Will party, was detained for his “participation in conspiratorial plans against the democratic peace,” Tarek William Saab wrote on Twitter.

Popular Will said Carreno had been the victim of a “forced disappearance” on Monday. “Neither his family nor his lawyers know his whereabouts,” the party tweeted.

“[We have had] enough of the systematic persecution and forced disappearance of people,” the party said. “The regime continues to commit crimes against humanity by persecuting, kidnapping and torturing those who think differently.”

It later said more than 20 officials of President Nicolas Maduro’s government raided Carreno’s home on Tuesday evening.

The activist’s arrest comes after Popular Will’s national coordinator Leopoldo Lopez fled to Spain at the weekend. He had spent the previous year and a half in the Spanish embassy in Caracas after a failed opposition uprising.

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  • Nobueno you make numerous comments with a different name and fake email address each time. That’s the reason I routinely trash your comments. You criticize others and don’t discuss the content of what’s written by them, and for some reason you are hiding behind false names and addresses. So if you want to comment in Havana Times please address the content of the article to which you are commenting.

  • You are boring MacD. Repeating over and over the same criticism to the left and to the right. The only positivity in your messages emerges when you talk about yourself. Pitiful.

    As for the rest of us; let’s pay our respects to Camilo today – a true patriot in actions and his words. It was on October 28, 1959 that he disappeared. Rest in peace!

    …. and we all know MacD what you think about bloodthirsty Fidel eliminating him – save your stories for the Miami crowd.

  • “A revolution cannot be achieved with freedom of the press.”
    ‘Che’ Guevara

    Maduro was a disciple of Fidel Castro. Repression is essential in establishing a dictatorship. Forget individual expression and freedom. This is the reality of the extreme left in action !

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