Maduro Takes Control of Venezuela’s National Assembly

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMESIn Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro moved to take control over the National Assembly and blocked the re-election of opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the assembly’s leader. The move comes as Maduro seeks to hold onto power amid a U.S.-backed opposition movement. He has faced criticism for consolidating control over Venezuela’s various governmental institutions, and his critics denounced the move as a “parliamentary coup d’état.”

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2 thoughts on “Maduro Takes Control of Venezuela’s National Assembly

  • Dictadura, dictatorship, dictator, dictator. Just image for a second a right government would do this horrendous act of not respect for democracy. How those dated lefties be condemning this act. But I’m sure because it’s a Maduro is a CNN puppet of Raul Castro they would find justification.

  • It is only a matter of time before the Venezuelan people decide that they have suffered enough and rise up to replace this clown the way Bolivians replaced Evo Morales.

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