Maduro Visits Fidel Castro in Havana

Nicolas Maduro and Fidel Castro on Saturday December 21, 2013.  Photo:
Nicolas Maduro and Fidel Castro on Saturday December 21, 2013. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro traveled to Havana and met with Fidel Castro on Saturday to commemorate the first visit by Hugo Chavez to Cuba and his encounter with the Cuban leader 19 years before.

During the meeting Maduro and Fidel reminisced on the beginnings of the Chavez-Castro alliance that took on a greater significance when Chavez swept to power after winning the 1998 elections.

Chavez held the presidency until his death earlier this year after designating Maduro as his successor.

“I traveled to Cuba and visited with Fidel for the 19 years since the historic meeting of he and Chavez and for the nine years of the ALBA alliance,” wrote Maduro on his Twitter account.

8 thoughts on “Maduro Visits Fidel Castro in Havana

  • Maduro came to get his marching orders from Havana. He is nothing more than Cuba’s puppet.

  • The answer to both questions…San Francisco.

  • Ya’ know what they say about ‘ass’uming…

  • You are correct.
    Assuming that you would welcome such an economic blow to all Cubans , I read more into your words than I should have .

  • Mr Patterson….where are you from and where do you live may I ask?

  • Perhaps you misread my comment. The outcry to raise prices to Cuba came from Venezuelans who otherwise are facing a rise in gasoline prices.

  • Were Venezuela to raise the price of the oil it sells to Cuba, it would hurt the entire Cuban population with the exception of the “Castros” and the other cadre at the top.
    I can fully understand someone at the U.S.State Department advising this to further immiserate all the Cuban people as part of the U.S War On The People Of Cuba.
    I would not expect that many who have relatives and friends in Cuba would so advise.
    I also seriously doubt that Maduro would take the advice of those who not only would violently oppose the Cuban revolution, but his own government .

  • My bet is that given the recent drop in crude oil prices resulting in a drop in oil revenues to the Venezuelan treasury, Maduro came to Cuba to deliver some bad news. For every $1.00 drop in world market oil prices, Venezuela loses $700 million in oil export revenues. Since September, world prices have fallen as much as $10.00 per barrel. This drop in oil revenues is roughly equivalent to the oil subsidy Cuba receives from Venezuela. Maduro recently held a meeting with his oil ministry to discuss raising the retail price of gasoline in Venezuela. Venezuela has the lowest price of gasoline to consumers in the world and low gas prices are sacred to the Venezuelan people. When word of this plan to raise gas prices got out there was a public outcry that Venezuela should lower the subsidy to Cuba before considering raising the costs to Venezuelans. This, of course, is in addition to all the other doomsday financial news coming out of Venezuela. As announced today here on HT, now Cuba is considering selling bonds to raise cash. Just a coincidence that Maduro comes to town at the same time this announcement is made? If you believe in coincidences…..

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