Major US Newspaper Criticizes Cuban Adjustment Act

HAVANA TIMES — Over the weekend, a Chicago Tribune editorial (“Rethinking the Cuba Perk”) was published arguing against the Cuban Adjustment Act and suggesting that Cubans should be subject to the same rules as immigrants from other countries.

The article warns that with the island’s recent immigration reforms, it’s difficult to argue that Cubans need special considerations normally reserved for victims of political repression since they can now freely enter and leave their country.

This is the first such attack on the 1966 law from within the US since January 14, when Cuba began implementing its new immigration reform policies. It also takes place in the midst of the legislative debate on immigration policy in the US Congress.

Meanwhile, Cuban-American politicians in support of the embargo against Cuba (including Senator Marco Rubio and Congress representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart), recently questioned the fact that many Cuban “refugees” return to the island on vacation.