March Cinema: Focus on Women

Irina Echarry

Women in Cinema. Havana, March 2010. Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, March 3 — To celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8) , the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) has chosen a series of movies whose central characters are women to be shown during the month.

These include more than twenty films and six shorts and animated movies dealing with stories of desire, frustration, indifference, conflicts (old and new) revolving around women.

Overcoming the obligations imposed by society, the woman has always felt impelled to struggle for her individuality…for the freedom to choose.

It doesn’t matter if she’s in Africa (with its ingrained traditions) or in Europe (with its apparent advances), the condition of being a woman is a challenge that must be assumed in all existing patriarchal societies.

This series —which will last for the entire month of March— will allow many women to see themselves reflected in the stories of other famous and anonymous women who have the same hopes.

This is a cinema created by women or based on works by writers who value the realities and difficulties of being a woman.

In Cuba, nearly all films are presented in their original versions with Spanish subtitles.


(Premiering in the following cinemas the first week of March)


March 4–10

ELIZABETH: LA EDAD DE ORO, Great Britain (2007)


March 4–10

YO SOY SOLA, Argentina (2008)


March 4–10



March 4–10

AGUA, India (2005)

TODO EL PLACER ES MIO, France (2004). Café y soledades (fiction short ), Cuba (2009)


March 4–10

Theater 1


Theater 2

MOOLAADE, Senegal/Burkina Faso (2004)

23 Y 12 CINEMA

March 4–10

LAS 13 ROSAS, Spain (2007)


March 4–10


(The second, third and fourth week of March in the La Rampa Cinema)

From March 11–31


Thursday, March 11

5 p.m. Camila, Argentina (1984)

8 p.m. La Duquesa, Great Britain (2008)

Friday, March 12

5 p.m. Tulipa, Cuba (1967)

8 p.m. Te doy mis ojos, Spain (2003)

Saturday, March 13

5 p.m. Samia, France (2000)

8 p.m. Kadosh, Israel (1999)

Sunday, March 14

5 p.m. Mujer transparente, Cuba (1990)

8 p.m. El niño pez, Argentina (2009)

Monday, March 15

5 p.m. El Atardecer, USA (2007)

8 p.m. Antonia, Holland (1995)

Tuesday, March 16

5 p.m. Simpatia por lady venganza, South Korea (2005)

8 p.m. Frida, naturaleza viva, Mexico (1983)

Wednesday, March 17

5 p.m. Princesas, Spain (2005)

8 p.m. Maria Antonieta, USA (2006)

Thursday, March 18

5 p.m. 8 Mujeres, France (2002)

8 p.m. Olga, Brazil (2004)

Friday, March 19

5 p.m. Arrancame la vida, Mexico (2008)

8 p.m. Xxy, Argentina (2007)

Saturday, March 20

5 p.m. Juno, USA (2007)

8 p.m. Caotica Ana, Spain (2007)

Sunday, March 21

5 p.m. Maria Antonieta, USA (2006)

8 p.m. Princesas, Spain (2005)

Monday, March 22

5 p.m. Samia, France (2000)

8 p.m. Cortos sobre Ellas

Tuesday, March 23

5 p.m. Frida, naturaleza viva, Mexico (1983)

8 p.m. Simpatía por lady venganza, South Korea (2005)

Wednesday, March 24

5 p.m. Olga, Brazil (2004)

8 p.m. 8 Mujeres, France (2002)

Thursday 25

5 p.m. La Duquesa, Great Britain (2008)

8 p.m. Camila, Argentina (1984)

Friday, March 26

5 p.m. Te doy mis ojos, Spain (2003)

8 p.m. Tulipa, Cuba (1967)

Saturday, March 27

5 p.m. Kadosh, Israel (1999)

8 p.m. Samia, France (2000)

Sunday, March 28

5 p.m. El niño pez, Argentina (2009)

8 p.m. Mujer transparente, Cuba (1990)

Monday, March 29

5 p.m. Antonia, Holland (1995)

8 p.m. El Atardecer, USA (2007)

Tuesday, March 30

5 p.m. Xxy, Argentina (2007)

8 p.m. Arrancame la vida, Mexico (2008)

Wednesday, March 31

5 p.m. Caotica Ana, Spain (2007)

8 p.m. Juno, USA (2007)

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