Mariela Castro: Cuba ‘Ready’ for Gay Unions

Mariela Castro. Photo: Raquel Perez

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban sexologist Mariela Castro, the daughter of President Raul Castro, said on Monday via Twitter that “Cuban society is ready for same-sex marriages,” reported AFP.

The sexologist, who heads the National Sex Education Center, also highlighted the “public awareness” of the residents of the town of Caibarien, in the center of the island, who in October elected Jose “Adela” Agustin Hernandez as the country’s first transgender city councilperson.

Mariela Castro said last May that her father supported the proposal before parliament to legalize homosexual unions in Cuba.


3 thoughts on “Mariela Castro: Cuba ‘Ready’ for Gay Unions

  • So what happened about the investigation of the UMAP camps? That’s a biggie in my book, and an independent one!

  • this was to have happened in July as predicted by someone else but let’s see if it materialises in short order

  • Fine. Cuba is “ready” for same sex marriage. So what?

    No word from Mariela or any of her relatives as to when Cuba will be ready for freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to travel, free labour unions, full property rights or free elections.

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