Mass Requests for Self-Employment in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, Nov. 28 – The Cuban authorities have received more than 80,000 applications for self-employment since the start of the reform begun by the government last October to expand the private sector on the island, announced the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. This opening hopes to absorb part of the 500,000 persons who will be jobless up to March 2011, reported IPS.

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One thought on “Mass Requests for Self-Employment in Cuba

  • I can’t help but feel some concern about Cuba venturing into the realm of capitalist private ownership and all the additional bureaucracy and, I suspect, disparity that will be derived. This I hope is a false fear from someone who has been a devoted supporter of the Cuban Socialist model and the building of socialism and socialist ideals and character. I do wonder if there are not other new economic wealth creation endeavours that could be created by the state sector to employ many of those displaced by current overstaffing. Either way it is my hope that Cuba will prosper in a changing world – a world that, I believe, will be more supportive of Cuba and hopefully break the stranglehold of the U.S. embargo.

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