Matthew Leaves Cuba, Winds, Rain and Flooding Persist

Hurricane Matthew at 8 am (EDT) on Wednesday, October 5th.
Hurricane Matthew at 8 am (EDT) on Wednesday, October 5th.

HAVANA TIMES — The center of hurricane Matthew left Cuban territory near Baracoa at 2 a.m. Wednesday heading north.  Initially, Baracoa is the city expected to report considerable damage. Strong winds, rain and coastal flooding persist in some areas of eastern Cuba and people are cautioned to stay put until the storm totally passes.

Other municipalities hard hit were Maisi, Imias, San Antonio del Sur all in the far east of  Guantanamo province.

The Cuban Weather Service (Insmet) reported at 6am Wednesday that coastal flooding would continue with waves of up to 6 to 8 meters in the provinces of Guantanamo and Holguin while moderate flooding can also occur on the north coast from Las Tunas to Camaguey. Lighter coastal flooding is expected in the Ciego de Avila Cays area.

Baracoa is currently incommunicado by land due to landslides.  Initial reports said several hotels and schools suffered damage.  Only when the calm returns will it be able to assess the precarious housing situation.  Some 35,000 residents of Baracoa remain evacuated.

Matthew now threatens Bahamas and will continue on a northwest track towards Florida, where the governor has declared an emergency to facilitate preparations.

Full reports of the damage caused by the powerful hurricane Matthew will be forthcoming.

Cuban President Raul Castro is in Santiago de Cuba to direct the recovery efforts.

5 thoughts on “Matthew Leaves Cuba, Winds, Rain and Flooding Persist

  • hopefully this event will go a long way in ending the drought , that’s the way nature works give with one hand what has been taken with other hand .

  • Surely El Presidente Raul Castro should have been directing preventative efforts before recovery efforts were required? However better late than never, come on Raul time to mobilise all the military and help your people to make a swift recovery from this disaster!

  • According to the Tripadvisor Cuba forum – no damage to the resorts in Guadravalaca.

  • I bet the Toa River was a sight to see !!!

  • My town of Baracoa is in ruins! It is not only sad but breath taking. People have lost not only their homes, roofs but their belongings because of the rain and wind. My family said to me there are almost no trees standing and there is so they don’t have leafs. I wish I was there to help. I know it takes more than physical strength to move on. There was not Merci from mother nature this time.

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