Medical Student Arrested for Murder

HAVANA TIMES — At least two people were arrested in connection with the murder of a Havana man on April 27, though Guyanese medical student Shurlon Austin remains the prime suspect, reports the Café Fuerte website.

According to witnesses, the victim — who died immediately from stab wounds — was named Fernando and “was known as a con man.” “There’s talk that there was 15,000 CUC paid for this crime,” said another unidentified source.

There is no knowledge of the identity of another suspect who apparently acted as an accomplice to Guyanese, though he is believed to be a Cuban citizen.

The national press has failed to comment on this case, just as the Guyanese Embassy in Havana has issued no statements. However, Guyana’s minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford, said consular officials are preparing to offer legal assistance to the 27-year-old Guyanese national.