Meeting of Opposition Group Hampered

HAVANA TIMES — The political opposition group Estado de SATS protested on its website on Friday that a police operation took place around the house of its leader Antonio Rodiles, in an upscale neighborhood of Havana, to prevent public attendance at the screening of the documentary Knock-out.

According to the website, those who were detained (David Canela, Bartolo Marquez, David Avila, Rene Ramon Gonzalez, Walfrido Lopez, Eugenio Leal and Alejandro Zaldivar) were taken to various police stations and released hours later, while others wishing to attend the meeting were denied access to the site.

The organizers had alerted police on Friday morning about a “repudiation rally” that area residents planned to carry out in front of the house.

“I thought it opportune to inform people about this violation of provisions established by law that comply with the duty to maintain order and respect of citizens’ rights within the jurisdiction of police authority,” expressed the complaint submitted to the authorities.