Mexican Authorities Attack Caravan of U.S.-Bound Asylum Seekers

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Mexico, a caravan of some 500 asylum seekers, including young children, was assaulted by Mexican authorities Saturday as the group made its way to Mexico City to demand expedited asylum proceedings. The caravan was mostly made up of people from Haiti, Central America, Cuba and Colombia, who’ve been blocked from leaving the southern state of Chiapas while their cases are processed. This is an asylum seeker from Nicaragua.

Cristian Galeano: “If we could live in our countries, we would not have come. If we were not oppressed, we would not have come from our countries. As you can see, most are young, poor people, people in need. We only want to work.”

Read more news here on Havana Times.

3 thoughts on “Mexican Authorities Attack Caravan of U.S.-Bound Asylum Seekers

  • As humans we seek the right of protection against fall imprisonment, rape, torture, hunger, starvation, thirst, an education free from indoctrination and the list goes on. US politicians and voters seemed to say, come here we are ready to receive you. Now they appear turn their backs, which leaves these immigrants in horrific dangerous situations far from their home and short of their destination.

  • It’s tough to work in another country being illegal, it’s way too time and money demanding. I don’t blame them for doing what they do, although it is quite sad. Too many people have to leave their families, their friends, leave their home country. It’s hard to put yourself in their feet.

  • I wish the United States would adopt this philosophy. “Illegal immigration is not a right.” They have no right to demand anything….

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