More MDs Join Cuba Med Brigade in Haiti

HAVANA TIMES, Feb. 11 — Another 200 doctors will join the Cuban doctors and medical staff working in Haiti on Friday, announced Health Minister Jose Ramon Balaguer.

The new contingent of young physicians are graduates of the Havana based Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) and hail from 24 countries.  Balaguer explained that some of the graduates were in their respective countries and heeded the call put out by Cuba.  Others, he said, are currently doing their residency and specializing in Cuba.

“Our solidarity plants hope and should constitute a highly valued ingredient for those that want to transform the world,” said the minister.

Before the arrival of the new doctors, there are currently 736 Cuban medical personnel in Haiti.  Working alongside them are 7 US doctors, 2 Nicaraguans and 402 Haitians, all graduates from ELAM, reported Juventud Rebelde newspaper.