Mujica Gives Maduro Some Friendly Unsolicited Advice

About the tension with the OAS and its secretary Luis Almagro

Maduro and Mujica during happier times. File photo:
Maduro and Mujica during happier times. File photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Former Uruguayan President José Mujica today questioned the tension between the Secretary General of the OAS, his compatriot Luis Almagro, with the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, who he said is as “mad as a hatter”, reported dpa.

“They say everything to each other and they are not going to fix anything that way,” said Mujica, currently a senator of the governing Frente Amplio coalition, in reference to public exchanges of recent days between Maduro and Almagro, who was his foreign minister between 2010 and 2015.

In a statement released today by the Uruguayan press, Mujica said he has great respect for the Venezuelan president, “but that does not mean not telling him he’s crazy.” “You’re crazy as a loon,” he said.

Asked about allegations from Maduro claiming that Almagro works for the CIA, Mujica said, “No, it has nothing to do with the case.” He added that the situation in Venezuela is pretty screwed up.

Mujica also rejected accusations from Maduro that Almagro is a traitor. “Almagro is not a traitor. He is a lawyer, a slave of the law. I disagree with Almagro on some things, but also with Maduro on this.”

Mujica noted: “the problem is not Almagro but Venezuela, which should try to fix the economic crisis.” “A country cannot live in a constant slugfest. Somehow Venezuelans have to fix things between them.”

Almagro and Maduro this week staged a hard verbal confrontation with accusations, criticisms and warnings.

The Secretary General of the OAS is studying whether to enable the Inter American Democratic Charter over the serious situation in Venezuela, to which the Government of Maduro strongly opposes, believing that this would be interference in the internal affairs of the country.

Almagro has the power to invoke Article 20 of the charter, which authorizes the convening of the Standing Council of the organization when in a Member State there is “an alteration of the constitutional regime that seriously impairs the democratic order.”

To take such action requires the votes of the majority of the members of the OAS (at least 18 votes).

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  • The late Bob Hope would have recognized you as competition.

  • Hahahah. Even MasBurros friends think he’s crazy

  • Hahaha! are you serious? Is toilet paper, beer, diapers and shampoo included in your “Forever Ever!”?

  • When former Uruguayan President Mujica, once the only sane voice from the cacophony of leftist Latin American leaders turns on you, you gotta’ know that your days are numbered. Ma-Burro has been in over his head ever since he quit driving buses. (No disrespect to bus drivers intended) The problem in Venezuela today is no longer IF Ma-Burro will step down or be thrown out but WHEN. What comes after Ma-Burro makes all difference. If the Chavistas are successful in hanging on to the presidency post Ma-Burro, his successor is likely to be worse if you can imagine that. If, on the other hand, the opposition can force new elections, the new President will likely reflect their politics.

  • Long Live the Revolution. The People of Venezuela are the Revolution, and they support their President. Forward Ever! Backward Never!

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