Musician Danny Ocean Cancels his Appearance in Nicaragua

to avoid “supporting countries under dictatorships”

Danny Ocean

By 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – Venezuelan singer Daniel Alejandro Morales Reyes, known as Danny Ocean, best known for the song Me Rehuso (“I refuse”), has announced the cancellation of his scheduled June 23rd concert in Nicaragua. On his Twitter page, the musician stated that he made the decision because on the situation the country was experiencing, and for security reasons. He promised to make up for the cancelled event with a free concert, once Nicaragua was again a free country.

“I want to inform you that I won’t be holding the show planned for Nicaragua on June 23, despite my great desire to come and sing for you. I’ve been meditating and analyzing deeply the situation in the country, and I concluded that it’s better not to honor the date of this project, and not to support countries under dictatorship, for the simple fact that I also lived in one,” reads part of the performer’s post.

He asked the Nicaraguan people to forgive him but explained that if he held this concert he’d inevitably have to speak of freedom, and that this could put him and his whole crew at risk.

“I know that the people who were planning to come to my show aren’t to blame, but it was going to be impossible for me not to speak about freedom if this concert was held; as I said before, for the safety of my team and myself, we decided it would be better to wait for Nicaragua to be free to go and sing there. When that day comes, I’ll come for free, and with all the love in the world,” the vocaliststated.

Danny Ocean also declared that his most famous musical number Me Rehuso, is a story about leaving a lover in times of crisis. It is a symbol that represents a lot of people who have left their countries due to the crisis that they’re experiencing, a crisis that’s been triggered by their governments, as has happened in Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela.

“Please understand that a song like Me Rehuso speaks to me of leaving one’s love behind in times of crisis. It’s a banner that represents many of us who’ve become refugees because of the humanitarian crisis. For this reason, it would be inconsistent for me to keep the concert date at this time. I hope you understand, I ask your forgiveness, and I send my hopes that someday Nicaragua will be free again. Hugs,” concluded the artist’s Tweet.

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