New Cuban ‘Churchill’ Cigar Hits the Market

HAVANA TIMES — Cuba is launching onto the international market an innovative variety of cigar, “El Petit Churchill,” according to a statement released on Monday by the international corporation Habanos SA, reports the Prensa Latina news agency.

According to the news note, El Petit Churchill “is a novelty that is considered by experts to have a balanced and aromatic blend, with filler and binder leaves from the famous western Cuban zone of Vuelta Abajo.”

The cigar, with a length of 102 millimeters long, was created for a smoke of about 20 minutes.

Being launched by under prestigious Romeo y Julieta label, El Churchill is one of the emblematic cigar bands of the Cuban tobacco portfolio. It is named after British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who was one of the most devoted smokers of the Romeo y Julieta brand.