New Regs for ‘Maquiladoras’ at Cuban Port

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban government has issued a regulation for “maquiladora” companies that will operate in the future Special Development Zone at Mariel, a port west of Havana that’s being expanded into a major facility, reports AFP.

The resolution establishes special customs regulations that will exempt the payment of import duties on “certain goods” that will be re-exported with higher added value. Likewise, export rights will include a “drawback” regulation when “the exports will be beneficial to the national economy.”

Also foreseen in the special zone is an industrial platform for the importation, production and the selling of products to the home market and those of other countries, as well as a modern “mega-port” to replace the Port of Havana. The first phase of operations should begin this month.

One thought on “New Regs for ‘Maquiladoras’ at Cuban Port

  • I think this sort of gravitation to the Chinese model is somewhat inevitable. The alternative, in the minds of the Marxist leaders, is loss of state power.

    It never occurs to them that the Marxian formula for socialist economy is flawed, and needs to be discarded.

    It never occurs to them that a new, cooperative hypothesis needs to be embraced for the further socialist experiment.

    Personally, I am losing heart that the Cuban leadership will ever pull out of the quasi-religious Marxian cult. They seem to be congenitally afflicted with the perverse idea that socialist property can only be state property–which makes their desperate opening to international capitalism all the more self-contradictory.

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