New Type of Windmill Being Manufactured in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES — New windmills have been produced by Cuban specialists at the Center for Integrated Water Technologies in the Cuban city of Camagüey after their having adapted a Canadian-made model, reported the Cuban Information Agency.

With the intention of being “more sustainable and competitive,” ten of these modified devices are ready to be put into operation  to supply water for domestic use, livestock and agriculture production at small farms in Havana and Camaguey.

The windmills are between three and six meters high and function with direct transmission and without a foundation, which facilitates their maintenance and repair. Likewise, in cases of hurricanes, they can be easily removed given the low weight of their components.

According to the news article, the production cost of these devices represents 50 percent of the price (around $2,500 USD) on the international market, which is where Cuba traditionally acquires them


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