Nicaragua Called Negligent in Covid-19 Prevention

Police agents arrive at the San Salvador International Airport. EFE/Rodrigo Sura

Nicaragua and Belize are the only two countries in the region that haven’t taken five of the seven sanitary measures recommended by the World Health Organization.

By Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – Nicaragua and Belize are the only two countries in the Central American Integration System (SICA) that have yet to fulfill the majority of the seven sanitary measures established in the international regulations approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Nicaragua hasn’t suspended classes in their schools and universities, nor has it decreed a quarantine for citizens and foreigners; nor have they implemented any restrictions on public activities and crowds, as the international regulation recommends.

It has also not implemented any restrictions on flights coming from other countries with confirmed cases of Coronavirus, or a total restriction of foreigners into the country, according to the document.

The report from the Central American Integration System was elaborated following several meetings between the region’s heads of state. Following the first meeting, Vice President and First Lady Rosario Murillo noted the importance of this type of meetings and of adopting recommendations for avoiding the spread of the Coronavirus.

Murillo gives lip service to the meeting

“The importance that governments give to human security, public health, the common good of the peoples in the region, and principally to this menace, this global pandemic, also informs the peoples of the region that our national health systems are attending to the pandemic according to the protocols oriented by the WHO and the Pan American Health Organization, taking national measures through the Ministries and the Secretary of Health, including binational and cross-border collaboration between health services for the integral attention to suspected and confirmed cases of Covid-19,” Murillo assured on Thursday.

Nevertheless, far from adopting the measures recommended by the health organizations, the Ortega government has neglected them, calling for rallies and mass walks with no type of concern or measures.

“It’s criminally irresponsible. Ortega and Murillo should be charged for exposing people to danger. They’re playing with the public health of Nicaraguans and forcing the state workers to attend a high-risk activity. This could signify a huge problem for the whole country,” expressed former guerrilla leader and ex-Minister of Health Dora Maria Tellez.

The detailed report

The SICA report on the reginal plan, entitled “Central America United against the Coronavirus”, details that Nicaragua is one of three countries that haven’t registered any infected persons. Panama and Costa Rica are the most affected, with 36 and 26 cases.

The document also reflects that according to the type of alerts that the eight member countries in SICA have issued, Nicaragua, in theory, is on national alert. Nonetheless, the results of this measure are unknown, due to the misinformation and lack of communication of the Ortega regime.


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14 thoughts on “Nicaragua Called Negligent in Covid-19 Prevention

  • I think you can read if you are make some comment in some articles. FIND ANY comparison tabs about any illness and you will be amazed and then fully understand. The procent of Covid death are globally under 5%. How many HIV, CANCER, FLU are every year each one? What is the procentage of death? Far far far far more then any COVID19. So wake up and not follow some children games. I think you are adult perhaps pretend you’re if not…

  • Absolutely agree with that. People wake up please. As a adult can write comments but try to not understand what is going on? Nicaragua is absolutely amazing and have a my support. Don’t let Mr. President to change anything. The ordinary flu is thousand times deadly then Covid 19 and no one did too much about. I’m adult and want to have a full responsibility of my own life and nobody will not dictate what should I do or not. Wake up all the people and read statistics about other illness. The Covid is just cover economic useless of your governments… I hope this fake will soon finish…

  • There is no economy in Nicaragua… that was destroyed in 2018 by the murderous dynamic duo when they murdered the protestors and subsequent actions. I think Frank Stein’s post of March 17, 2020 was smack on point… kill the old and infirm off and there’s more dosh left over for his ‘get out of Dodge’ fund for when he’s finally forced to do a bunk.

  • Capitalism destroyed Nicaragua.
    Ortega’s family and the actual economic system in Nicaragua is based on a neo-liberalism economic! USA, Brasil, Mexico, Nicaragua want to keep produce and don’t stop in the name of the economy. Capitalism doesn’t prioritize the human as covid-19 crisis is showing you.
    Socialism is something else dude!

  • Who ever is trying to cover for Ortega is an idiot or a slave! Even Cuba is putting up way more measures to contain/treat for COVID-19. He is betting on killing thousands of elderly that are owed their social pensions! He is a genocidal maniac that needs to be in jail or 6 feet under. Socialism destroyed Nicaragua!

  • So what? Let’s keep moving around and spread the virus? This will not affect the economy in short term but a epidemic explosion will affect it in medium term, with the same results you said about FMI debts but + more deaths then, maybe some of your family too. Doesn’t make sense your conspiracy theory.

  • There is a system that prevent sick people from other countries in place since 2006 in the international airport in Managua. The ministry of health of Nicaragua monitor 24 hrs. a station that read the temperature with a infrared camera that detect the body heat of the passenger entering the country of the main artery of the country main airport. Any change of normal body temperature in any passenger arriving at the airport is stoped and go to a questionnaires to screen passenger. in case of passenger come from countries with viruses infected countries are recorded with full name and passport, address, telephone and family or friend visiting. Also, have a protocol to follow in case of fever develop and given a phone numbers of clinics of the government. This method is preventive in case a infected victim is reported the health department know where to locate the origin of the infection and more easy to neutralize. There is not proof that closing the border is the most effective way to control a virus treat. The closing of the border will increase more chaos and pandemic in the population. The FMI and financial system of the world will be the most beneficiary after this event finished. All the countries that close their border will suffer huge consequences and a rescue financial plan will need to take place. All the population of the world will be slave through the financial system to be in debt for decades to pay the FMI as a lending money at high cost of the population wealth, saving and time to repay the huge debt. Just USA alone approve 1 trillion into the economy to save the American dollar.
    A lot people will suffer for decades and few people will benefit of this catastrophe.
    The people behind the plotting are upset of the countries that not follow and getting in debt.
    Open your eyes and stop ready fake news.

  • Are those measure “recommended by WHO” as your heading says ? Just for Central America ? No-one is saying they should be applied by other countries, that I have seen. They seem to be something produced by SICA, not WHO.

  • Ortega and his wife are gambling with the elderly in Nicaragua. They both should be charged with criminal negligence + more. They both already have blood on their hands from other incidents.

  • Juan, no andes mamando…

  • are out of your mind!!!!! Incompetence at is finest is what the health system in Nicaragua lacks even sowing thread. They don’t transport people unless they have a few of them in an ambulance and people are laying in the halls at hospitals with flies and unclean environment. Calling someone a fascist ? Let’s call Ortega a terrorists and a parasite ?

  • Juan I think you are drinking too much Flor de Caña

  • This is total propaganda against Nicaragua by the Miami Cuban Fascists. There is not CORONA VIRUS IN Nicaragua yet,,,,,The Nicaragua Health service and the staff are the best in Central America. The other countries should be learning lessons from Nicaragua specially Honduras and Guatemala.

  • Ortega and his wife have been trying to find a way to not pay the Social Security to the elderly. If they let the corona virus in it will do it for them. The should be charged with criminal negligence.

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