Nicaragua: Mothers with Murdered Children to Lead March in Managua


HAVANA TIMES – In Nicaragua every year May 30th is Mother’s Day, normally a holiday where families gather. But this year it is very different, after the fierce repression of peaceful protests by the police and government paramilitaries that has already left 82 people dead, most of them students and other young people, and wounded almost nine hundred.

Several days ago, the Mothers’ April 19th Movement, parents of dozens of murdered youths, called for a march in Managua demanding justice and an end to the killing for Mother’s Day.

The mothers have the support of private businesses, organized civil society and the April 19 Movement (the students who lead the protests against the government.)

Todos vamos el 30 de mayor a apoyar a nuestras madres nicaragüenses que les quitaron todo: a sus hijos. Ni perdón, ni olvido para mas de 82 asesinados y decenas de desaparecidos. #SOSNICARAGUA

Gepostet von Fernando Sanchez am Sonntag, 27. Mai 2018



Ortega Asks His People “Defend the Revolution”

Meanwhile, as a last minute response to the mothers’ march, Gustavo Porras, president of the National Assembly and ex-trade unionist allied to the government of Daniel Ortega, made a call to those who still support the FSLN party, the government, and “the Revolution”, to take part Wednesday in a simultaneous gathering also in Managua and other cities.