Nicaraguan Opposition Meets Today with EU Deputies in El Salvador

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Press conference of MEPs in Managua during their visit in January 2019., Photo: Carlos Herrera / Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – This Monday a European Parliament mission will meet with members of the Nicaraguan opposition including the Civic Alliance, Blue and White National Unity, and the Citizens for Freedom and Yatama Parties, to assess the socio-political crisis in Nicaragua and address the liberation of political prisoners.

The delegation of MEPs had hoped to visit Nicaragua; However, Daniel Ortega’s regime denied  their request to visit the country and verify the situation in terms of democracy and human rights.

Among the issues that will be addressed during the meeting with the diplomats will be the release of political prisoners, the breach of the agreements signed in March 2019 in the negotiations, application of sanctions, electoral reforms and the National Coalition process.

Representing the Civic Alliance is Valeska Valle, Edwin Carcache, Mario Arana, Medardo Mairena, while for the Blue and White National Unity are Felix Maradiaga, Alexa Zamora and Guillermo Incer, for Citizens for Freedom Mauricio Díaz and for the Yatama, Brooklyn Rivera

The MEP delegation is composed of Tilly Metz, Javier Nart, Jens Gieseke, Juan Ignacio Zoido Alvarez, Andreas Scheab, Caterina Chinnici, Teuvo Hakkarainen and Ignacio Corrao.

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