Nicaraguan Police Kidnap Sociologist Oscar Rene Vargas

a well-known critic of the Ortega regime who had been in hiding

Political analyst Oscar Rene Vargas on the Esta Noche program.  Photo: Carlos Herrera / Confidencial

Agents abducted him when he went to visit a sister who is in a delicate state of health.  He was taken to an unknown destination.

By Octavio Enriquez (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – Sociologist Oscar Rene Vargas, 76, was kidnapped Tuesday, November 22, by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, at the residence of his sister Patricia, in Managua, sources close to the family reported.

Vargas is a well-known critic of the Ortega dictatorship, who served during the Sandinista revolution (1979-1990) as an adviser to the National Directorate of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN).

A large police deployment carried out his abduction without a court order. Vargas did not resist, and he was transferred to a place unknown by his relatives.

“He came out from where he was hiding to go visit his sister because of her state of health and, ten minutes after he arrived, the Police appeared. They broke in and entered with weapons to take him away. When the Police entered, Oscar Rene came out serene,” explained the source, who emphasized that Vargas, 76, has a pacemaker.

The sociologist, historian, and economist is the author of 36 books and co-author of another twenty, according to information published on his website.

In his latest article, which circulated on Sunday, November 20, he proposed a strategy for the release of all political prisoners, a total of 219 throughout the country. Their relatives have denounced the deplorable conditions their loved ones are subjected to by the dictatorship, which has caused an increase in their physical and mental deterioration.

Vargas noted that members of the Ortega inner circle possess an entire web of illegal businesses at the expense of the treasury, which has reached pharaonic levels.

According to the expert, Ortega will be forced to release the political prisoners when he no longer has money to pay the military, police, and paramilitaries, and when he risks losing control of the streets, which are the supports of the current political system controlled by the governing party.

For this reason, they see it as necessary to implement an “internal implosion” that implies everyone doubting everyone else in the entire State apparatus. Vargas cited as an example what is happening at the Supreme Court.

Vargas maintains that the dictatorship will be forced to release all the political prisoners, “when their social base begins to abandon ship (children, relatives and senior Ortega officials emigrate), when the sanctions hit the sources of financing of the dictatorship, and when they run out of friends who stop approving the financial support of CABEI, IDB, IMF and World Bank. It’s the combination of these four factors,” he stated.

The sociologist is a reliable political analyst who is often a source of the independent media to explain what is happening in the country. Likewise, to analyze possible scenarios within the FSLN, a party that is managed with secrecy and in which its minions act at the service of Ortega and Vice President Murillo.

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