Nicaragua’s Civic Alliance: 72 Hours of Pressure

The Nicaraguan Civic Alliance on July 6, 2018.. Photo: Carlos Herrera / Confidencial


The Civic Alliance called a national march, a one-day work stoppage and a caravan to step-up the protest against the Ortega government.


By Maynor Salazar  (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy announced the rescheduling of the march “Together We are a Volcano”, for next Thursday, July 12. It also called for a 24-hour national strike [supported by business organizations] for Friday the 13th and a vehicle caravan through the neighborhoods of Managua on Saturday, July 14.

The march titled “Together We are a Volcano” will take place on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. starting from the Cristo Rey roundabout towards the traffic lights of the El Chele car lot, then towards the Alexis Argüello monument, ending at the Jean Paul Genie roundabout.

“For Friday the 13th, we’re calling for a national strike, demanding a response from Daniel Ortega to the demand for early elections to return freedom to the people. His lack of will is the roadblock that leaves us without a clear exit to the crisis that every day leaves more dead, kidnapped, crippled, injured, missing and vulnerable to fall into poverty,” says the statement issued by the Civic Alliance.

The last activity will be a vehicle caravan through the neighborhoods of Managua, whose route will be announced in the coming days.

Student leader Lesther Aleman explained, “All these activities are being organized [by the Civic Alliance] along with numerous organizations that are also in the struggle, because it is forbidden to forget the sacrifice of the hundreds of Nicaraguans whose blood has been shed. The three consecutive days of protests are to tell Daniel and Rosario Murillo that it’s time to leave,” the statement said.