Nine Tons of Drugs Seized in Cuba in 2011

HAVANA TIMES, Jan 13 — Cuban authorities foiled two naval operations in 2011 in which they arrested three Bahamians and one Jamaican, after detecting some 50 vessels suspected of international drug trafficking. In the end, 10.1 tons of drugs were seized.

According to the news article published in the Granma newspaper, discoveries at airports thwarted 22 operations, one in transit to Europe and in which 27 people were arrested. The majority of those detained were Cubans living abroad or traveling on permits. In addition, of the 399 incidents of illegal drugs washing ashore, most were marijuana (9 tons) and cocaine (180 lbs.) and hashish (15 lbs.).

These activities constituted the highest levels in the last seven years, while the article referred to the death of an Ecuadorian citizen who was carrying close to two pounds of cocaine in 27 bags inside her vagina.