No Luck Finding the 20 Disappeared Cubans

The worst is feared

US Coast Guard ship.
US Coast Guard ship.

HAVANA TIMES – After finding four lifeless bodies belonging to the latest group of shipwrecked Cubans, the US Coast Guard suspended the search late Tuesday for the 20 persons missing at sea.

The three survivors of what was a trip of 23 Cubans are recovering. After finding the four bodies, that left 16 missing with little hope for finding any of them alive.

Three migrants found on an island near Big Pine Key said Saturday the authorities who left Cuba on September 20 and the boat sank the next day. They said the total number of people on board was 23.

The Coast Guard said it searched an area of 24 thousand square kilometers.

The Coast Guard said three bodies found Saturday about 40 kilometers southeast of Islamorada were part of the same group, as was the body of a woman found off the Florida Keys on Monday.

Authorities are trying to determine whether a man whose body was found Saturday near Ramrod Key was part of the same group.