Opposition Accepts Revision of U.S. Aid

HAVANA TIMES, March 29 – Representatives of the Cuban opposition welcomed with satisfaction the announcement that the U.S. government will revise the aid programs for the dissidence in Cuba based on the veto imposed by Senator John Kerry to the 40 million dollars to be given for this purpose, reported IPS quoting the Miami-based El Nuevo Herald. “There has not been a transparent administration of the immense amount of resources,” affirmed Manuel Cuesta Morúa, who on the other hand questioned the need for a foreign government to back the dissidence.

One thought on “Opposition Accepts Revision of U.S. Aid

  • The U.S. imperialists get away with these subversive crimes against Cuba simply because they get away with much else — & have for many, many decades. The fact is, there is no real opposition to the U.S. oligarchs inside the United States; in large part because — in the most totalitarian manner — all possible opposition leaders & leaderships have been systematically murdered, maimed, brutalized, burned out, imprisoned, suppressed, repressed, intimidated, blackmailed, co-opted, bribed or otherwise ‘dealt-with’. & what has filled the resulting vacuum have been class-collaborationist sorts of all kinds — whose very job it is is to see to it that not only does no organized opposition inside the U.S. ever come about, but that the very facts of the matter, & History itself, remain obscured, or forgotten — or simply lied about.

    In this situation, there is nothing the U.S. rulers feel they cannot do. So we’re all going to pay for their growing imperial hubris very soon.

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