Opposition Group Calls for Action Over Incident

HAVANA TIMES — The political opposition group “Comite Cubano Pro Derechos Humanos” on Wednesday called on the island’s government to “prosecute the person responsible for the crime committed against Berenice Hector Gonzalez, as required by the applicable laws.”

Dissidents reported that the teenager “was attacked with a knife wielded by a supporter of the government” and suffered “cuts to her face, neck and other parts of her body,” reported Cubaencuentro.

According to those same sources, the attacker was Dailiana Planchez Torres, “the daughter of a Cienfuegos police officer, who allegedly attacked the youth for publicly defending the Ladies in White” – another dissident group.

The family of the victim has filed a formal complaint with the local police, but “the aggressor remains unpunished,” says the note.

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