Oregon Doc to Challenge US Travel Ban

HAVANA TIMES, May 5 — KBND 1110 Radio from Bend, Oregon reported Monday that Portland Doctor Charles Grossman, 94, is willing to defy the US government travel ban on Cuba to visit a friend on the island.

Thousands of US citizens are forced each year, like Grossman, to break the time-worn law and risk stiff fines, if they want to travel to Cuba. The doctor says he will travel via Vancouver, Canada.

Currently the US House of Representatives has a bill before it (HR 874) that would repeal the travel ban on Cuba; the only country Washington maintains off-bounds for its citizens.

The Obama administration says it is reviewing US government Cuba-Policy. To date it has opened up travel to the island for Cuban-Americans but has not freed the general US public to do the same.

HR 874 currently has 134 co-sponsors. To read the bill and see who is on board click on: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h111-874

For additional information on the effort to repeal the US travel ban on Cuba see this post: http://havanatimes.org/?p=7059