Ortega Jails a Journalist from Channel 10 in Bluefields

Hazel Zamora

Police officers detained the journalist along with her children, ages six and eleven, while they were traveling on a public bus.

By Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – The regime’s Police abducted journalist Hazel Lilliette Zamora from a public bus on Friday May 5th in Bluefields, Nicaragua.  She works as a correspondent for Channel 10 in that Caribbean coast city. At the same time, another group of police raided the home of her family located in that same city.

The journalist’s arrest occurred while she was traveling with her eleven and six-year-old children on a public bus and it is unknown where she they taken.

Zamora’s arrest occurs two days after the regime’s justice machine initiated a criminal case against her. On that same day more than fifty Nicaraguans were arrested and accused in express hearings in Managua courts for the alleged catch-all crimes of “conspiracy and to harm national integrity” and “propagation of false news”.

The accusation against the journalist was filed by prosecutor Jorge Luis Arias Jarquin and is located in the criminal court of Ortega judge Karen Chavarría Morales.

The regime’s prosecutor maintains that the State of Nicaragua and Nicaraguan society declare themselves as “victims or offended.”

On the other hand, the scores of people who were arrested and accused on Wednesday, May 3, were released on probation, under the condition that they must present themselves daily to sign in at their local police station until trial and sentencing. Among those affected are journalists William Aragon, from the city of Somoto, and Oscar Garcia Vallecillo, from Managua.

The regime is also holding prisoner journalist Victor Ticay, another correspondent for Channel 10 in the municipality of Nandaime. Ticay was arrested on April 7th after having covered a traditional religious tradition in La Reseña, his hometown.

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