Ortega’s Nicaraguan Police Train for a Civil War

The Ortega Police during their preparation. Photo taken from the official website of the National Police


The graduation of 45 officers in military tactics ended on December 30. Government photos show policemen holding RPG-7 antitank rocket launchers and Dragunov rifles.


By Leonor Alvarez  (La Prensa)

HAVANA TIMES – The Nicaraguan Police continue to be trained in military tactics for a possible civil war, after over eight months of crisis caused by the government repression that has left at least 325 dead since April 18, according to national and international human rights organizations.

The website of the Ortega Police reported that on December 30 the graduation of 45 officers in military tactics has ended. Official images show policemen holding RPG-7 antitank rocket launchers and Dragunov rifles.

Policemen are also observed carrying PKM submachine guns with a high rate of fire and lethal impact. According to retired General Hugo Torres, these weapons are for military use, and not for police use, and are generally used in wars to defend against armored tanks or fortified machine guns.

“Here, the only ones who should use that kinds of weapon is the Nicaraguan Army, because that is an anti-tank weapon, to destroy armored forces, be it tanks or armored cars and it also serves against machine gun positions. That is, it can penetrate a number of centimeters of reinforced concrete, to shoot down machine gun positions, which are called nests of fortified machine guns. It is unusual to see that weapon in the hands of police forces and the question arises why the police have it, “said Torres.

Commissioner General Jaime Vanegas, Inspector General of the National Police. Photo taken from the official website of the National Police.

The only thing that occurs to the retired general is that the Ortega Police will use these weapons against possible new roadblocks and barricades, such as those that the population raised between April and June of last year, to protect themselves from the armed attacks of police and paramilitary groups, who repressed civil protests.

The roadblocks and barricades were dismantled with a brutal attack that cost hundreds of lives, which were considered crimes against humanity.

Operating in coordination, Police and paramilitary forces repressed civilian protests with high-caliber weapons such as Dragunov rifles, AK-47, RPG7, M16, among others, as demonstrated by videos and images of journalists and citizens who recorded these events. This information was collected in the final report of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI), which confirmed the existence of “paramiltary groups” which were observed “with a high firepower and organization that took to the streets using weapons of war.”

Fourteenth course of military tactics

Photo taken from the official website of the National Police

The course of military tactics that culminated on December 30 corresponds to the 14th intensive military tactical training, details the police note.

The war preparation is also aimed at traffic policemen, because the note from the Ortega Police mentions that one of the top three scorers in the training is from the Transit Brigade of Managua.

The special guests to the graduation of the 45 officers were Jaime Vanegas, inspector general of the Ortega Police; Justo Pastor Urbina, chief of the Directorate of Special Police Operations (DOEP), and members of the National Council of the Police.

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  • Well said …he built schools.. roads ..etc etc. With oil money given to him ….and he took some to buy his own business for his kids and himself. Millions …i also was there. The people put up with it untill he showed his true colors in April. The straw that broke the camel’s back !!!

  • Very well said.

  • Mario, from what I’m able to understand from what you written (Some of it rambles incoherently), you are saying that Ortega is a “hero” and is in good graces with the Lord? No offense rev but what exactly are you smoking?! The fact is the Ortegas have used political power to enrich themselves, their family members and cronies. They did this to benefit themselves at the expense of the greater good of the nation. Daniel Ortega a lot in common with brutal Libyan dictator Gaddafi (Ortega referred to him as friend and comrade). That’s the truth! As the Good Book says, “For those who have eyes but cannot see, those who have ears but do not listen.” And as the Lord will say to Daniel Ortega right after he dies, “Away with you, I know you not!”

  • Civil War may be coming to Nicaragua in the future. If history has taught us anything , it is that country’s under a totalitarian regime are usually brought down by war or failing economies. Nicaraguans will unfortunately experience many hardships in the future as this is just the beginning of what is to come.

  • That’s basically a fact you just said. 16 years of neoliberalism didnt bring anything good to our population but many many nights without electricity, which caused the close of small businesses since it wasn’t profit back in those, unpaved roads, parks left in ruins, not even mentioning education wasnt for free, there was a monthly fee which it wasnt paid on time one was taken out of classroom without the right of doibg exams or any test, lack of school chairs.. those governments whose periods were backed up by USA never brought any development to our country but calamity, so now that want to speak about DEMOCRACY when their elections were more than fraudulent…..

  • You know nothing about Ortega….. he was elected fraudently these last three terms….. and he violated the Nicaraguan constitution that didnt allow for re-election. Please wake up, Sir!!!

  • Muestran fotos con armas potente de ataque por que saben que están destruidos, este es el medio que usan para aterrorizar a la población. Cobardes acesinos, también ustedes van a llegar a parar a la tierra cuando mueran, con la gran diferencia que no llegaran a la gloria o la vida eterna.

  • Some relatively accurate reporting for once here. Congratulations.

    And do be well aware of the fact that they will use those weapons in the event that idiots intend to overthrow the government.

    Maybe that will give the golpistas reason to think twice.

    If democracy is what the people genuinely want, then act democratically and stop trying to overthrow a lawfully elected government.

    Thank you for publicizing this picture. Now people will know what they are up against here. Maybe they will be a bit more respectful.

  • With all due respect to both comments . I lived in Nicaragua for 11 years. Its a beautifull country with wonderfull people. Full of true christlike love. 2 years i spent as a missionary before and after the election when Daniel Ortega back in 2006. The country was in shambles. No infrastructure to move the economy . Constant black outs for hours to ration power. No parks and broken down unfunded schools. No exploding tourism. 45% unemployment not to mention GDP -Debt Ratio at 165% ranking them #187 out of 191 countries. Well Daniel Ortega turned everything around. 10 years later they are Ranked #23 with their Debt-GDP at a all time low of 28%. Countrys Production up 1800% . All time low unemployment . Their Credit Rating with the IMF was increased. But he refused to take any more money. 2019 was the year Nicaragua would have been debt free from the blood suckers of the Central Banks. Only leading to more record breaking economic growth and development. But no he decided to wake up one morning and say hey i think im going to kill students today. Truth is truth its lybia all over again. The UN is not a peace promoting institution . Its destroying peace and prosperity and the spread of Gods work. Who really had motives to kill my freinds Moroni, Alejandro and Jonathan. Who really had the interest to stop the thriving economy?Its the same Den of theives IMF, OAS, UN and other internationalist. NICARAGUA WAS MORE Capitalist than Costa Rica. However make up a story send some mercenaries to kill reporters to blow up the story all over the world . Just like Hillary Clinton said about Gadaffi “We Came We Saw He Died Ha Ha Ha! The sad thing is that its al already exposed but because a few people want to keep making noise they get all the attention. The truth is that the first will be last and the last shall be first. Nicaragua is that first lamanite country that blossoms like the rose we read in scripture. Cant wait to get back to surfing the awsome waves next month. I cant belive people buy this. DANIEL ORTEGA IS A HERO IN MY BOOK AND ALSO THE LORDS. He brought back hope to the Nicaraguan People. I fear more for us here. EZRAS EAGLE IN THE APOCRYPHAS SEE 2ND ESDRAS. ITS BEEN EXACT SINCE HERBERT HOOVER AND and after TRUMP theres 3 presidents left before crap hits the fan here. If ye are prepared ye shall not fear. Good luck boys cause you sure arent men of sound understanding. Making jokes about what you dont know. Just plain ignorance like the guy that didnt want to sell CBD to a customer because he had a trump Hat on. If you respond have some actual facts.

  • They took away our property in Nicaragua and now they live the high life he doesn’t have the balls of fight.

  • Now that’s an idea Ortega may have already thought about. On the one hand, allowing his buddy Putin to put nuclear weapons in Nicaragua could include him bankrolling the government for a while. They already recently passed a law allowing foreign troops in the country. And Ortega could procede with the current strategy of she (Nicaragua) is mine or nobodys. A nuclear weapon could be the final act of the play when instead of being taken prisoner for his crimes against humanity he takes out everyone in the country with him.

  • Well this a sobering fact. We all know the vast numbers of tanks the civilians have and how well they are armed! Maybe Mr Ortega should be extra cautious and get a few Nuclear weapons

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