Ortega’s Police Arrest Documentary Filmmaker Carl David Goette-Luciak

From 100% Noticias

Documentary Filmmaker Carl David Goette-Luciak at work.

HAVANA TIMES – Daniel Ortega’s police detained today the documentary filmmaker and anthropologist, Carl David Goette-Luciak, who covers the protests in Nicaragua.  Threats against Goette, of US and Austrian citizenship, were reported here in recent days. 

The documentary filmmaker works for The Washington Post and the The Guardian. He is also research director of the Nicaraguan radio La Ciudadana. Among his articles for foreign media was his coverage of the murder of broadcast journalist Ángel Gahona in Bluefields.

Carl David’s father, Ilja Luciak, denounced the abduction.  It is unknown whether he will charged with some fabricated crime, like the hundreds of political prisoners or be deported without reason.

Government media have classified Goette-Luciak as a “rookie journalist” who is against the government of Daniel Ortega.  Apparently sufficent reason for his detention.

NOTE: Later on Monday, Carl David was taken to the immigration offices and then put on a plane to El Salvador.  The deported journalist would then reportedly head to Washington D.C.