Ortega’s Police enter Physical Therapy Clinic to Harass a Patient

Former political prisoner Olesia Muñoz, choir singer and music teacher

By 100% Noticias

Olesia Muñoz receiving physical therapy.

HAVANA TIMES – Former political prisoner Olesia Muñoz denounced that a police patrol from Niquinohomo showed up to besiege her at the private physiotherapy clinic, where she was undergoing treatment for a spinal column problem.  

The health problem came after the beatings she received when she was imprisoned in 2018 for almost a year. The choir singer, musician and music teacher was convicted for acts of “terrorism” by the judicial system dominated by the Ortega regime.

“When I was on the examination table, we heard that a police patrol stationed in front of the clinic with about ten agents. And one of them without any judicial order entered the clinic, where I was almost naked receiving my electrotherapy session. He instantly apologized and told me that they had arrived supposedly because the vehicle in which I was moving was reported as abandoned,” denounced Muñoz.

However, Munoz suspects that the Police went to the clinic after receiving reports from Sandinista party supporters in the neighborhood where it’s located. The police are on edge suspecting that government opponents are planning activities with regards to the third anniversary of the civic protests of April 2018.

“I constantly suffer harassment when I come to my hometown Niquinohomo to visit my family. But I think this time it is reprehensible that they violate my rights to treatment. Additionally, disturbing the peace of the family living alongside the clinic,” added the soprano.

Muñoz labelled as regrettable and despicable that the Police devote itself to harass and persecute those who were in prison for having taken to the streets to demand freedom.

“I hope that they do not break into my therapy sessions again. I am forced to seek a private clinic and not the public health system due to their refusal to provide the care that as Nicaraguans we have a right to,” denounced Olesia Muñoz.

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