Ottawa Declares Emergency as Trucker-Led Anti-Government Protests Spread

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Canada, the mayor of Ottawa has declared a state of emergency, saying the city was under “siege” from thousands of truck drivers who have been blocking roads to protest COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates. The protests, which have now spread outside of Ottawa, have also expanded to include broader grievances against the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Organizers of the so-called Freedom Convoy have been linked to far-right and neo-Nazi movements, with some participants waving Confederate flags or swastikas.

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2 thoughts on “Ottawa Declares Emergency as Trucker-Led Anti-Government Protests Spread

  • This Protest or Occupation that it is Now called is Worse then it shows or you hear, Very well organized & Government Train Employed in the Past Organizers that are well funded from all over North America. When the Meaning of Freedom is Taken Too Far & then abused against Canadians that Support the Vaccine. Civilized in Canadian Society is in the Shitter or tested to the Extremes once again from way back in the 60s was it the FLQ wanted to test Canadians that Stand on Guard for our Country.

  • This is what happens when we live next to the USA…. elements of hate filter through. It is heart breaking to know that our nurses and doctors go to work there and get harassed, as do people in masks going to and from medical appointments though most are just frightened. The crude lewd signs do not help. Seeing a man in a cowboy hat on a horse with a Trump 2024 sign makes us feel like our country is being taken over by those who have gone down the rabbit holes of conspiracy , lies and cults as now is evident all across the US affecting their very democracy. I do not know the answer to this mess but some suggest the media should all go home, and these protesters can fight it out with the poor residents and businesses that are suffering . No attention, like children they will stop their immature behaviour.

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