Pablo Milanes: I’ve Never Felt Reprisals

HAVANA TIMES, March 19 — Cuba’s popular singer/songwriter Pablo Milanes said on Friday that he does not expect to receive reprisals for his critical statements to the Spanish press about the Cuban government, reported IPS.

Milanes, who is on a concert tour in Spain said: “For many years I’ve been openly criticizing what from my perspective is bad about my country and I’ve never been subject to a reprisal, much less my family.”

Pablo —as he is known in Cuba— told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo that he was in disagreement with the way the Cuban government handled the case of opposition member Guillermo Fariñas, who is carrying out a hunger strike demanding the release of political prisoners.  “Ideas should be discussed and fought, but not imprisoned,” said Milanés.

2 thoughts on “Pablo Milanes: I’ve Never Felt Reprisals

  • I agree with you but it’s a pity more Cubans don’t seem to share your sentiments. Maybe because you are in the public eye the Castro regime are more lenient with you. I think it’s time that people who are in the public eye in Cuba and those that are allowed to travel abroad were more vocal about how things are in their country. Most people are unaware of the difficulties ordinary Cubans have e.g. no freedom of speech.

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