Pakistan Flood Toll Rises as Survivors Lack Drinking Water

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Pakistan, the death toll has topped 1,400 from catastrophic flooding that has left a third of the country under water and devastated key agricultural areas. Authorities now say it could take six months for the water to recede in some areas. More rain is forecast in some of the hardest-hit areas. Authorities are also racing to protect a key power plant north of Karachi that provides power to millions of people. Patients in makeshift hospitals say they are getting sick from a lack of drinkable water.

Mohammad Murad: “Floods inundated our homes, and we came down here. The water which is supplied through the water tanker here is not clean. The children are falling sick by drinking this water. They suffer from cold, cough and skin problems. There are no good arrangements for drinking water here.”

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One thought on “Pakistan Flood Toll Rises as Survivors Lack Drinking Water

  • Horrible situation. The government was not prepared for this kind of flood. Whoever is sending unsafe drinking water to the people in water tankers should be jailed.

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