Palestinians Seek Refuge in Cemeteries as Israel Threatens to Attack Rafah

HAVANA TIMES – The United Nations is urging Israel to halt plans for a ground invasion of the southern Gaza city of Rafah, warning it will lead to a “large scale” loss of life. Some displaced Palestinians are living in cemeteries in Rafah.

Mahmoud Amer: “People were forced to come here to this safe place, which is the cemetery among the dead, which is better than living in residential areas where the houses could collapse over our heads. We come here to live among the dead because of fear and horror. … I envy the dead people for their current situation. They are dead, but in fact they are alive with God, well provided for. I envy them because they are better than us now. We live every second in horror. Every minute passing, we are in horror, pain, torture, suffering and confusion, because we don’t know when the war will end. It’s a very painful situation.”

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