Partial List of Today’s Detainees in Nicaragua by the Ortega Police


HAVANA TIMES – Daniel Ortega’s police went “with everything” on Saturday against an attempt at a peaceful demonstration in Managua. From early in the morning, downtown streets and roundabouts were overflowing with riot police with their war rifles.

When people began to arrive to participate in a march scheduled for 2 p.m. to demand the total liberation of the 700+ political prisoners, the uniformed began to attack and abduct the demonstrators.

At the same time they attacked national and international journalists covering the event. They beat them and stole or destroyed their equipment.

Below is a partial list of the detainees published by La The fate of these Nicaraguans is still unknown.

1. Azahalea Solís
2. Max Jerez
3. Ana Margarita Vijil
4. Freddy Blandón
5. Guirlanda Suárez
6. Ernesto Suárez Fuentes
7. Victor Corea
8. Sofía Montengro
9. Humberto Belli
10. Luis Alfredo Callejas
11. Rosalinda López Miranda
12. Elena Hendricks
13. Julieta Martinez
14. Jorge López
15. Jessica López
16. María Teresa Peralta
17. Mónica Baltodano
18. Sofana Arce
19. Heberto Incer
20. Marta Chamorro
21. Flor de Abarca
22. Amelia Martínez Cole
23. Liliamc Urtecho
24. Roberto Portcarrero
25. Humberto Incer
26. María José Castillo
27. Sergio Amador
28. Virginia Amador
29. Diego Amador (14 años).
30. Karen Celeberti
31. Martín Argüello
32. Sandra Ramos
33. Mildred Rayo
34. Iberson Josué Gaitán Núñez
35. Inty Basset
36. Ana Lucía Álvarez
37. Orlando Rizo
38. Moisés Hassan
39. Ermis Morales
40. Francisco Samper
41. José Sandino
42. Elizabeth Díaz
43. Mónica Wheelock
44. Carlos Iván Paredes Estrada
45. Yolaina Diaz
46. Ernesto Suárez Fuentes
47. Luis Vallejos
48. Yolanda Vargas Pitchard
49. Ronald Enrique Mejia Alegría
50. Carlos Iván Paredes Estrada
51. Manuel Guardián
52. William Valdelomar
53. Ernesto Gil Baca
54. Angélica Juarez
55. Carolina Gil Baca
56. Eduardo Cantillano Gil
57. Alejandro Cantillano Gil
58. Franco Altamirano Lara
60. Roberto Ruiz
61. Padre Juan Domingo
62. Roberto Portocarrero

Former minister of Education, Humberto Belli, is among the 62 on a preliminary list of those arrested on Saturday.


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