Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan to Cross US/Mexico border on Thursday

IFCO Co-Directors, Luis-Barrios and Gail Walker

HAVANA TIMES — The 20th Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba has congregated in McAllen Texas, for a border crossing into Mexico on Thursday morning, the organizers informed on Wednesday.

Since the caravan – which crisscrossed the US and Canada in June and July – refuses to ask the US government for permission to ship cargo or for its US members to travel to Cuba, it is uncertain whether the US Customs will attempt to keep it from advancing to the neighboring country or try to confiscate all or part of its humanitarian aid.

Earlier in the month the Vancouver leg of the Caravan was at first refused entry into the USA of part of its donations, specifically sporting equipment, but after a 24-hour protest relented.

“We are determined to get this aid to our brothers and sisters in Cuba. Our struggle must continue until this immoral, cruel and counterproductive (half-century) US blockade of Cuba is ended,” stated IFCO/Pastors for Peace Co-Director Father Luis Barrios.

“After the border crossing, scores of caravanistas will travel through Mexico on to Cuba, without asking for a license or permission from the US government. In Cuba the participants will visit hospitals, cultural centers, churches and other organizations focused on Cuba’s sustainable development efforts,” notes a PFP press release.

All along their journey the caravan members have also been championing the case of the Cuban Five, imprisoned for 13 years in the US for trying to prevent terrorist attacks against their country.

The Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan is a project of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO.), which has been been working for racial, social, and economic justice since 1967.