Paya’s Family Won’t Press Charges

HAVANA TIMES — The family of the late Oswaldo Paya has announced that it will not press charges against the Spanish citizen Angel Carromero, who was driving the car that crashed and killed the Cuban opposition leader, reported EFE.

“I’m not going to accuse anyone, nor am I seeking those who are guilty. I simply want to find out more about the incident because I’ve suffered a lifetime of threats, repression and intimidation against my family,” said widow Ofelia Acevedo to the international media.

Ofelia and her daughter, Rosa Maria, base their doubts on testimonies and evidence received on the day of the accident, though this didn’t appear in the official version, and the fact that the statements made by the survivors of the accident were made “under pressure from Cuban State Security.”

Paya’s widow also denied receiving money from the young Europeans who were traveling with her husband on July 22 when he died of a tragic accident along with another opposition figure, Harold Cepero.

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