Peace Caravan to Cuba Rolls

HAVANA TIMES, July 5 — The 21st U.S.-Cuba Friendship Caravan, organized by the inter-religious foundation Pastors for Peace, began this weekend its annual tour of cities in Canada and the United States.  On this occasion the donations collected by the initiative will back the recovery in the areas in Cuba affected by three devastating 2008 hurricanes and the development of children, reported IPS.

One thought on “Peace Caravan to Cuba Rolls

  • Cubans need all the help they can get — and who could be against “Peace”, per se, in the abstract (i.e. an idealist and non-materialist formation)? So then: what socialist revolutionaries tie themselves to the praxis of petit-bourgeois pacifist organizations — even good, positive, harmless ones — like “Pastors for Peace”..? “Peaceful Coexistence” — i.e. the stalinist accommodation with imperialism — remains alive and well thru vehicles such as this, however altered they have become in appearance.

    Point being: World socialism cannot be won following this sweet-smelling path.

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