Petrobras Quits Search for Oil in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, March 11 — Brazil’s Petrobras oil company will not continue the search for oil in Cuban waters, Marco Aurelio García, special advisor to the Brazilian presidency, announced in statements to the press accredited on the island. However, the official pointed out, there are possibilities of cooperation in the area of lubricants, reported IPS.

One thought on “Petrobras Quits Search for Oil in Cuba

  • Oil deposits, according to the scientists, are the result of hundreds of millions of years of the sun’s energy being converted into microscopic organisms living and dying in the oceans. When we extract these oil deposits therefore we are really harvesting the sun’s power from eons past.

    Burning this oil then is an extremely inefficient and environment-destroying way of utilizing “solar” power. Why not stop this oil–and coal–madness and get serious about harvesting the sun’s power directly? The technology is here.

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