Photo of the Day, the New Section in Havana Times

Foto by Caridad

HAVANA TIMES – It’s an idea that we’ve been batting around for a long time that finally came true. We have created a space at the end of each article published in Havana Times for the Photo of the Day. Read how you can share your pictures with other readers.

Announcing our Photo of the Day section

Havana Times has a new section to share with our bloggers and readers. It is the Photo of the Day. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, just send an image (in black and white or color), with a photo caption indicating where it was taken (city and country), type of camera or cellphone you used, and a small description about it.

The section will be open to any subject and photographic genre. We will make a selection on a daily basis and the photo will be shared not only on the site, but also on our social networks. Later we will publish some themes for each day of the week, to make it more fun and to facilitate the selection because we are sure that there will be many interested in this new section.

For now, the subject is open. Are you game?

Send your picture with your name and birth country, or where you reside, to this email address: [email protected]

The pictures selected will appear on both of our websites: (English)  and  (Spanish)


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  • Jenny, there is no place where they are all together, however if you go to the news section: they are all there. Just keep going back at the bottom of each ten posts where it says “Previous”.

  • Hola!
    I have been in Cuba for the past month and I was not on the Internet very much. So, now that I am back in Canada, I would like to see the Photos of the Day I missed. Maybe some of my submissions were used! Is there an album or a special section where they are collected? Please let me know.

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