Photographic Expo of Submerged Maritime Treasures

HAVANA TIMES — The photo exhibition “Immerse Yourself in History,” which displays some of the world’s diverse cultural heritage submerged for more than 100 years, can be seen at the Real Fuerza Fortress in the Old Havana historic district.

According to the Prensa Latina news agency, about 30 large-format images make up the exhibition. The work was funded by the Spanish government in conjunction with the UNESCO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Historian of the City of Havana and other sponsors.

The UNESCO representative for the Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage, Tatiana Villegas, said the photos are expected to be exhibited in other Caribbean cities as well.

According to estimated calculations, more than three million vessels lie on the sea floor worldwide. Of these, six are reported off the coast of Santiago de Cuba, in addition to others that sank in the area of the Port of Havana, one of the most important accumulations in the region.