Police Subpoenas Published in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban police published subpoenas on Thursday in the Gaceta Oficial (the country’s legal news periodical) for three nationals being investigated for corruption, reported the ANSA news agency.

The individuals being sought are Mario Betancourt Caraballoso, for falsifying bank documents; Elianet Hague Moran, for embezzlement and forgery of banking and trade documents; and Ariel Garcia Valdes, on similar charges.

According to the ANSA news note, there are no precedents for Cuban citizens having been summoned through this official channel, which could indicate the high-profile level of the investigation and that everyone sought may already be outside of the island.

This unusual method was previously reserved only for foreigners being sought on similar grounds, such as in the case of Chilean businesspeople Max and Marcel Marambio in 2011.