Poll Says US Citizens Want Relations with Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, April 20 — The majority of US citizens support a restoration of diplomatic ties with Cuba as well as commercial relations with the Caribbean island nation, according to a poll quoted by IPS from the Spanish daily ABC.   The poll also showed majority support for lifting the travel ban that prohibits US citizens from visiting Cuba without a special US Treasury Dept. license.

One thought on “Poll Says US Citizens Want Relations with Cuba

  • i am and will always be pro/con about this issue.i do not care who wants relations with Cuba..its ok as long as colonizers and others do not come to occupy my country and make it a colony like our neighbor..
    Cuba is a sovereign nation the largest in the minor Antilles, and if i can say so the most beautifull..NA!! i give Prico props too..LOL

    However, our story is one of struggle from both the African perspective as former slaves to 3 continentsince the 1800’s ..AYE DIOS MIO GRACIAS FELIPE, FIDEL, CHE AND ALL OF U WHO SHOWED CUBANOS THAT WE COULD BE FREE.
    I say that if things can transform and the people are not terrorized and run off of thier property and or any attempt to reenslave the Afro Cuban is not in the plan..Come on down..Other than that i believe those who come with neocon plans..will have thier hands full

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