Pro-Cuba Rapprochement Group Calls Conference

HAVANA TIMES — The group Cuban-Americans for Engagement (CAFE)  is calling a conference for mid-March in Miami to discuss possibilities for improved US-Cuba relations during what’s left of the second term of the Obama administration.  The following is their press release.

“US/Cuba Relations in the Second Obama Administration: Dialogue and engagement”

Cuban Americans for Engagement (CAFÉ), in collaboration with Generacion Cambio Cubano,  FORNORM, and Cuba Educational Travel, invite you to the conference, “US/Cuba Relations in the Second Obama Administration: dialogue and exchange,” in Miami, March 15, 2014.

Our objective is to provide a platform for the Cuban American community to present perspectives and reasons for favoring a policy of greater engagement between the United States and Cuba, regardless of perspectives and reasons may be, as long as a total respect for Cuba’s sovereignty is maintained.

We seek to call attention to the possibility and need for a less hostile U. S. policy from and greater participation by the more progressive and moderate sectors of the Cuban American community in promoting this change.  Instead of engaging in ideological debates, we aim to discuss a concise and concrete agenda from which may emerge constructive ideas that may be appealing to the Obama administration, if it decides to advance initiatives for greater exchange and dialogue with Cuba.

At the same time, we wish to reassure both the Cuban people and Cuba’s government that there is a growing community of Cubans residing in the United States that are eager to incentivize, support, accompany and participate in the changes currently taking place on the island.

The Conference will consist of three panels: 1) changes taking place in Cuba from 2009 to the Present, 2) dynamics of people to people contacts within the framework of the Obama Administration, 3) relations between the U.S. and Cuba’s government: the impact on ties between Cubans on different sides of the Florida Straits.  There will be time to civilly discuss questions and opinions regarding all three topics.  Instead of recreating past battles, we will provide a forum for conversations aimed toward respectfully engaging both governments.

The afternoon with feature a dialogue among all Cuban and Cuban American participants, where everyone will have ample opportunity to express their opinions, expectations and concerns about Cuba and its relationship with its diaspora.

Soon you will receive more details about the event and how you can participate

For now, please mark your calendar: March 15, Miami!

The conference is open to all Cubans residing in the U.S., as well as U.S. residents of any origin, who are open to contact and engagement between the U. S. and Cuba, under the terms described above.

Let us know you would like to participate by contacting CAFÉ at: [email protected]. Members of the Press are welcome to inquire at the same email.

Cuban Americans For Engagement
6373 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA, United States